“Make America Great Again”

This is my first attempt at trying to write something like this and get some of the thoughts out of my head. I’ve tried to make it focussed but I definitely lack in the planning area and will try to improve upon that in further pieces. This is more catharsis than anything else as I […]

Back on the Road!

Being in Japan for two months was a nice change of pace from constantly moving. That being said, when I wasn’t at Nakagomi Orchard (hyperlink) I actually spent a lot of time travelling between places. Prior to my HelpX I was alone and went North and then after I went west with my mother and […]

Nakagomi Orchard

As I wanted to spend quite a bit of time in Japan I decided a 1 month HelpX thingy might help me get a better understanding of the cultural differences as well as practice my Japanese language skills. I’ve been helping out at an orchard in Yamanashi owned by the Nakagomi family. The man who […]

Recently I Learnt #1 (New Goal!)

As I’ve been travelling I’ve been aiming to keep a journal of what I’ve been doing. Due to being in some places for a rather long time that means I’ll update this page less frequently as there are fewer new things to comment upon. During my time doing various tasks I have been indulging in a […]

Turning Japanese

I’ve finally arrived in Japan, the one place I plan to spend more than a month (two to be precise). I decided to start off in Tokyo for a few days before heading north to Sapporo to get some of the snow festival, then heading back down towards Nagano for, hopefully, a slightly quieter pace […]