Chilling in Curitiba

Been a little distracted and have actually been in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil since last posting but will talk about the Iguazu falls later.


After all this hopping around I met up with my friend Felipe (I met him whilst volunteering in China and then again in Korea) who lives in Curitiba and decided to take some time to relax. Caught a few movies, had plenty to eat and went to lots of little parks and generally just wondered around.

I spent the first 5 days in university housing. They were using the spare room as a hostel in order to raise money for the housing. It was a little strange but everyone was super friendly and loved the opportunity to practice their English with me. After hanging out here I went to stay with Felipe and his family.


They were all super welcoming and we got up to various things with different members of the family. Sunday lunch with the whole family, hiking with his eldest brother and wife, BBQs at his other brother’s place (which was massive) and going to see Spider-Man (pretty unremarkable in my opinion). It was nice to have somewhere to stay for a while as it meant I could actually cook food and have a proper breakfast. Alongside all the BBQs we had I made an apple crumble for them all. They say they all liked it and I hope they weren’t just being polite but many went for seconds so that hopefully means it was well received.

Curitiba is a really nice place, lots of parks, very green, relaxed and not too chaotic. We used his bikes to cycle around, I got on a skateboard for the first time in 13 years, we played football (I can say I’ve scored against Brazilians now), and just generally had a very nice chill time. He’s planning to travel all over Brazil in the future and his girlfriend (who is staying with him at the moment) is also planning a trip around Europe to meet up with her mum and some friends. All this talk about planning travels reminds me of when I started and the giddyness, however I really am looking forward to getting home soon and catching up with everything, because let’s be honest Britain doesn’t exactly know what it’s doing right now.

One last Brazilian BBQ

Anyways, off to sunny Rio for a few days, gonna go give Jesus a hug, scale sugary mountains and enjoy the scenery!


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