Back on the Road!

Being in Japan for two months was a nice change of pace from constantly moving. That being said, when I wasn’t at Nakagomi Orchard (hyperlink) I actually spent a lot of time travelling between places. Prior to my HelpX I was alone and went North and then after I went west with my mother and brother who were visiting me for two weeks.

Now I’m heading off to Malaysia after one final night in Osaka and will be back to a more frequently travelling, hopping around places kind of adventure. It was nice to see some of my family as constantly moving does make you feel a little homeless and having their company provides the reassurance that some things are still the same.

After talking to friends and occasionally reading news I have noticed that lots of things are changing at home and that’s quite scary. I knew some things might be a little different when I returned but I didn’t expect to find that within the year people could be moving to other places in the country amongst other things. I too have been thinking about moving with a few locations in mind but as I’m travelling the planning of that is far from soon. The changes are making me think that maybe I should start planning!

Looming deadlines to actually get back to real life and have a job aside I had been planning a few posts that I wanted to write about. I decided to start writing both of them at the same time (which I think was a bad idea as I get easily distracted) and with the arrival of my family I haven’t spent much time working on them. They are both close to being finished so I will probably be posting them soon but they are both rather long, not travel related, and could incite either some discussion or anger. Either way I guess a reaction is good regardless of the type of reaction?

So this was literally just to catch up and hopefully remind myself to stay on track. Ciao for now.


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