Farewell for now…

Well I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. But that’s goodbye to SE Asia and moving on to East Asia with South Korea on the horizon.
Not only am I saying farewell to this area, I’m also saying farewell to the lovely Canadian couple (Jonathan and Camille) that I met all the way back in September on the Trans-Sib. We’ve had cocktails at high altitudes, drank the ‘best’ coffee on train 006, eaten dog (accidentally), been fed rice wine until we’re bloated, partaken in an all you can eat dim sum event and last but not least devoured a mammoth dessert here in Bangkok after eating 20 (small) bowls of noodles for a free litre of coke!

Diabetes in a cup

So this consists of shaved ice drenched in condensed milk. Then you customise. We went for, green tea and Oreo base, topped with chocolate balls, corn flakes and brownies. It was mental and the guys regretted allowing me to have so much sugar!
It’s been really fun meeting up with them, the familiarity it creates really helps with some of the homesickness one inevitably experiences whilst travelling. A little consistency goes a long way!
The whole point of this trip, as mentioned before, was to meet different people -hopefully nice- and realign my expectations of humanity. Camille and Jonathan certainly did this. Such a lovely couple with great attitudes and accepting of my flaws. They’re off to Sri Lanka now so who knows when we’ll meet again. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!
It’s almost like I’m smiling!


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