The Darkness of Man

WARNING: this post contains a lot of anger and frustration and some cursing. Whilst this rage is not conducive to creating clarity in my points I feel that anger and passion are better conduits of emotion and persuasion.


So today I went to the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a collection or artefacts such as old vehicles, a recreation of the political prisoner camps and various exhibitions about the war. The exhibitions vary from photography of the soldiers and workforce to the effects of Agent Orange along with other damage inflicted upon the people. This was were I started to get angry, and again questioned how people can believe in god?

Our supposed incentive to do good and not do bad is heaven and hell or any other variation of the two. But these occur after death and we as a species tend not to look that far forward. This generation more so than ever expect things immediately so if we are to fear judgement and retribution it needs to be swift and directly related to an action. So if there is a god, he’s not a very effective one in my opinion.


The atrocities that go on and on, and without judging all Americans it is their military that has performed some of the most malicious attacks in my eyes. These attacks were inhumane and were not about winning a battle but about decimating a people. The way I see it through using atomic weapons and incredibly damaging chemical weapons to fight their battles they have committed genocide rather than taken part in a war. Through use of atom bombs and agent orange they have not only killed people immediately but have subjected regions to life-long suffering and risk of disease, deformity and irreversible effects.

Those are only the direct effects as well, let’s not forget the hate than one people will harbour towards another due to losing a war. Why are there terrorist bombings? Probably because we attack them too. No one ever believes their retaliation is unjustified and that’s why we will keep going round and round in this endless cycle of death, pain, and flagrant disregard for everything that makes the human species special. It physically hurts and nauseates me that we are capable of doing these things.

We annihilate each other out of fear. We teach the future generations that isolationism and resentment of other ways of life is proper. There are plenty of people out there that try to quash these teachings. Spread the importance of communication, connectivity, embracing difference, learning from each other through discussion. But unfortunately the negativity that the media spews out like some spoiled brat being made to eat vegetables permeates the internet, our newspapers amongst many other sources of information and learning. Children learn through the vilification of other nations that hate is good. Children learn that their own peoples actions are justified. This kind of propaganda is destroying our ability to progress.


We need to wake the fuck up.


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