Melting in Morocco

Arriving in my 4th/5th continent (depends which model you use) I was attacked by a brutal heat. Marrakech is intense. Very hot, clay coloured, snaking streets where you will be shouted at by every retailer trying to get you to purchase their goods. As with most markets I can’t actually indulge firstly because of money […]

Different Perspectives

The Iguassu (or Iguacu) falls are a must visit if you’re in South America. Daunting torrents of water cascading over large drops and allowing a pleasant mist to cool you off during a hot Argentinian/Brazilian day.   As I was travelling north from Argentina to Brazil it made sense to do so at the Puerto […]

Chilling in Curitiba

Been a little distracted and have actually been in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil since last posting but will talk about the Iguazu falls later.   After all this hopping around I met up with my friend Felipe (I met him whilst volunteering in China and then again in Korea) who lives in Curitiba and decided […]


Unfortunately due to time (and money) constraints I had to start heading east across South America rather than venture further north to some countries I really would have liked to visit. As such from Cusco I jumped on a bus towards La Paz, Bolivia. I must say that the bus journey was super pleasant. Comfiest […]

Terrorism and Other Such Things

As with all topics that may incite some anger or tackle sensitive issues I feel it best to start with a disclaimer. Whilst going through this post, please realise I in no way mean to belittle the deaths of people in these incidents, on the contrary I feel I’m doing them more of a service […]

Machu Picchu and Other Things

It’s been a while but I’ve been pretty busy. Conquering heights, being the social butterfly that I am or just indulging in a (surprisingly good) coffee and book. Since Chile I’ve been wandering around Peru. Nice straight forward border crossing and then a long bus ride towards Arequipa. The bus ride was pretty fun at points […]

Chilly in Chile (too easy)

Not only is that title HILARIOUS it’s also accurate. Surprisingly chilly at the moment, being near the coast and eventually in a rather vast desert it’s actually been surprisingly cold! Another day, another continent, another language barrier to approach. Fortunately Spanish isn’t as tricky as Asian languages, couple that with the fact that the majority […]